Supercharge Moderation

Centralize, manage, and automate moderation for more consistent and effective decisions and enforcement.


Centralize Operations

Cinder consolidates your data, policies, and workflows to transform moderation for tomorrow's needs.
Improved Agent experience
Increase efficiency from moderation teams and BPO partners with policies, review, and QA in one platform rather than across multiple tools.
Launch and manage AI detection models, adjust workflows, change policies, and assign human reviewers with no code.
Consistent Enforcement
Streamline resolution with custom automated enforcements for faster, more consistent decisions.

Enhanced Observability & Insights

Cinder tracks metrics to surface, diagnose, and quickly act on operational pain-points, whether human or automated.
Actionable Insights
Quickly find and diagnose performance issues or policy misalignment. Make informed resource decisions by monitoring input and output volume.
Automated QA
Maximize review teams' consistency with built-in QA tools. Track and measure performance of AI detections and automated decisions.
Workflow Efficiency
Monitor workflow efficiency across teams. Easily adjust workflow logic to quickly bridge efficiency gaps.

Launch New Flows Quickly and Easily

Adapt at the speed of new harms with no-code workflow management in Cinder.
New Queues in Minutes
Launch a new queue, redirect jobs, and set up a permissioned review team in the UI, in minutes.
No need to wait for roadmapping. Publish a new policy in the UI, launch a queue for testing or production, and be operational in minutes.
QA & Metrics
Metrics and QA aren't an afterthought. They come natively with every queue and every decision.

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