Trust and Safety

Automate and scale moderation, manage cases and investigations, and supercharge effective AI. The Cinder platform empowers Trust and Safety teams to execute in the future, today.


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Cinder's built-in flexibility and customization helps Trust and Safety teams

Your valuable decision data centralized in one place. Gain powerful business insights. Automate workflows and measure performance. Develop robust AI detection trained on your own data. All without having to file engineering tickets.

Imagine: no more toggling between tabs, spreadsheets, and apps. No more SQL. No more guesswork.

Your entire operation, transformed in one platform.

Challenges Facing
Trust and Safety Teams Today

Trust and Safety teams counter online harm at scale, 24/7. Like experts in any field, they do their best work when they have the best tools for the job. We know current tooling contributes to operational challenges.

Inconsistent Moderation
Poor tools and manual work cause moderator churn. Agent turnover increases inaccuracy and backlogs. Cinder simplifies operations to ensure a better agent experience.
Reactive Risk Responses
Trust and Safety is stuck in reactive mode. With Cinder, teams can equip engineers with powerful data to train AI models, and innovate more effective enforcements.
Incomplete Data
With fragmented tooling, teams have trouble asserting Trust and Safety's business value. Cinder centralizes your data so you can measure efficiency, risk trends, and policy effectiveness.

See Everything in
One Platform

Cinder's graph database and flexible schema streamline operations, empower informed moderation, and drive efficient complex case investigation.
Reduce inefficiency by simplifying your toolset. Centralize your operations into one platform for context-informed decisions.
Surface and diagnose performance issues quickly. Monitor incoming volume in real time.
Deploy new policies and quickly spot discrepancies in moderators' application. Configure permissions to manage access across internal and outsourced teams.

Adapt to New Risks

With Cinder, operations teams can rapidly update work streams, so engineering teams can focus on shipping product.
Stay ahead of evolving risks and regulations. Build and deploy new rules, workflows, and queues without having to write a single line of code.
Overcome cognitive overload and bias. Break down complex decisions into smaller jobs. Calibrate a points system for automated, consistent governance.
Free up your engineering team to focus on core platform needs. Ship product faster instead of managing a backlog of ad-hoc tickets.

Drive Strategic
Trust and Safety Innovation

Transform engineering with real-time data from Cinder.
Cinder's API for Trust and Safety data provides a powerful tool for engineering teams to build new detection models, innovate better interventions, and drive product development.
Accelerate AI development with clean, rich data. Get real time moderation decisions structured as accurately annotated data for AI model training.
Gain a holistic view of operations. QA outsourced teams for improved moderation. See trends in violations so you can respond proactively across policy and enforcement.

Built for security, scale, and flexible control. Cinder is designed to protect Trust and Safety's most sensitive data.

soc 2 type II
Cinder's data security controls support Trust and Safety teams at advanced AI labs, marketplaces, and content platforms.
Robust Access Management
Integrate Cinder with your existing SSO, including support for Okta, Azure AD, OpenID and other protocols. Customizable permissions regulate access to sensitive data.
cloud Native
Run Cinder as SaaS that scales with your needs. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
audit logs
Audit and understand how your team uses Cinder with built-in Audit Logs and in-depth Usage Analytics.

See how Cinder can help your Trust and Safety teams.

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