Deliver Custom AI

Gain a foothold on the future. Cinder integrates AI management and human operations. Take action, train models, and secure data simultaneously.


Automated Decision Making

Deploy, train, and monitor models for high-volume decisions. Manage models and human teams in Cinder.
Detection and Action
Connect your classifiers and detection tools with immediate operational responses.
Decision Transparency
Track every decision, whether made by AI or human teams. Monitor all decisions in real-time.
Agile Fine Tuning
Optimize decision authority across human teams and AI models in moments with no code.

Data Annotation

Cinder enables custom model training with data from your operational decisions and policies.
Tailored Data
Structure human moderation decisions to be used as valuable retraining data.
Robust Annotation
Enhance labels with contextual fields. Enable moderators to select attributes that informed their decision.
Multi-Modal Data
Support annotation via custom renderers for text, images, audio, video, and complex media types.

Model QA

Continuously assess, improve, and benchmark model performance using Cinder's QA tools for automated and human decisions.
Automated Queue Analysis
Run QA checks on automated queues to monitor and validate the accuracy of AI detection models.
Performance Insights
Gain visibility into your model's performance and effectiveness, enabling continuous improvement and refinement.
OVERSIGHT AND Reversible Outputs
Conduct human reviews of AI detections and decisions with embedded user communication and appeals queues.

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