Our Mission

Cinder is built on a commitment to fostering safer online spaces for everyone.

Our founders experienced firsthand the challenges of building scalable Trust and Safety capabilities and operations from the ground up during their time working at Meta.

Working on the front lines of digital safety, they encountered a glaring reality: the workflows and systems in place for Trust and Safety teams were inefficient and costly. They saw how slow and cumbersome processes could hinder swift action — speed that’s crucial to mitigating harm and safeguarding users.

This realization led them to found Cinder as a way to make the internet safer for everyone. We want to equip Trust and Safety teams with the software needed to structure data properly, and empower those teams with advanced, intuitive tools to protect their users and reputation effectively. We understand the digital landscape is constantly evolving and often adversarial. We're focused on providing solutions that are not only effective now but also scale to meet future challenges.

Cinder represents our commitment to enhancing Trust and Safety across today’s digital world.