One Platform for All Your
Trust and Safety Operations

Cinder centralizes your data so you can better protect users. Unified operations mean faster time to response and consistent governance. Flexibility and customization are built in, so you can tailor Cinder to your needs.

Trust & Safety challenges are dynamic and multifaceted.

Cinder centralizes your data, regardless of source, in a single schema that aligns to your mission, operations, and resources. Manage every decision: simple or complex, automated or human reviewed. And measure everything. All in a single platform.


Cinder supercharges moderation for greater efficiency and accuracy to resolve high volume, low complexity incidents.
Cinder consolidates review operations. Automate decisions, streamline enforcement, and manage appeals. Eliminate the need for multiple tools and processes that cost precious time and money.
Reliability matters, whether for moderating content, training ML models, or both. Cinder empowers training, QA, and enables real-time oversight into all decisions.
Adversaries adapt quickly. Cinder enables new policy launches and automated workflow updates in minutes, not months. Operate at the speed of evolving risks, not a roadmap.
case management

Flexible Case Management

Cinder supports your most strategic decisions, whether a result of complex investigations or crisis response.
With all of your data in one place, streamline case management with the power of unified search, centralized record keeping, and embedded entity matching.
Gain efficiency across teams with simultaneous note-taking, content and user tagging, and support for attachments.
Standardize investigations with out-of-the-box templates or build your own to accelerate resolution. Deploy permissions to limit access to appropriate personnel.
AI Development

Integrated Infrastructure
for AI Development

Cinder facilitates training for AI detection models with operational decisions and output.
accelerated ai deployment
Deploy new models fast. Leverage Cinder APIs to retrieve rich labeled data based on your policies.
Enhance labels with contextual fields. Enable moderators to select the specific attributes that inform their decisions.
Configure application of AI outputs. Cinder's no-code workflows support custom tuning to push AI classifications into trusted automated decisions and human review.

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